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Keratherapy Color Protect Perfect Blowout


This weightless styling spray by Keratherapy will dramatically reduce blow dry time and eliminate frizz in your hair. Creating a barrier against humidity, this styling spray seals the hair cuticle, provides healthy shine, beautiful smoothness, and better managebility while also providing protection from harmful UV rays and other environmental damage.

Frank had this to say about the Keratherapy Color Protect Blowout, “This is the spray of all sprays. If you have any type of heat treatment on your hair, this is the spray you need to protect it from the heat. We sell a lot of this in the salon because people just love it. It works – makes their hair look great.”


Why we like Keratherapy Products at Seven Hair Parlour

Like all products we carry at Seven Hair Parlour, we endorse the quality of the ingredients Keratherapy uses in their products. This is an American-based company, founded in Florida, so the climate where their products are designed and made are simliar to the humid atmosphere here in Tennessee. That means they understand the hair needs our clients have. We also like the unique way their products deliver and bond keratine to the hair. It genuinely protects and strengthens hair.

Our clients in the salon love their products, proven by the fact we have a hard time keeping them in stock. That's one reason we're excited to find a way to offer these on our website like this.