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Reuzel Grooming tonight in pour bottle and spray bottle


 Reuzel calls this tonic a tool that every man needs on his shelf. it will add a boost to fine hair, giving it a natural look while making it managable. This tonic will protect your hair from hear while you blow dry and add moisture without weighing your hair down.

Apply the tonic to wet hair, then blow dry and style. It works well on its own without making your hair feel sticky, but it is also a great base if you want to finish your style with one of Reuzel’s pomades.

Reuzel grooming tonic is available in both a Pourable Bottle as well as a Spray Bottle.

Why we like Reuzel Products at Seven Hair Parlour


Reuzel is a Rotterdam based company that was founded by guys who love barbering. They're all about the style, class, attituide and amazing craft of the profession.

Their mission is to create products that you can trust, and to treat their customers with an attitude and respect they can believe in.

That attitude is.... well, if you get it, you get it. If you don't, you never will; according to the men themselves.

We trust their products. Frank uses them himself and all the guys we've recommended Reuzel to really dig their stuff.