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Reuzel Holland's Finest Pomade



You have style goals and the scumbags at Reuzel have a pomade that will make sure you hit the mark. They make a pomade for every hair type that suits every style. 

Each of their pomades smell fantastic, each with it’s own distinct scent, and will make your hair feel nice to the touch while maintaining the do that you do. 

Get the Pomade you Need

Check out the list of Reuzel pomades available below and select the one that fits your hair type and goals.

Purchase Pomade Hold Shine Composition Scent
Buy on Amazon Fiber Pomade Firm, Pliable Low Shine Water Soluble Subtle Vanilla Mint 
Buy on Amazon Blue Pomade Strong High Shine Water Soluble Calming Vanilla Wood
Buy on Amazon Clay Matte Pomade Medium No Shine Water Soluble Subtle Vanilla Mint
Buy on Amazon Extreme Hold Matte Pomade Extreme No Shine Water Soluble Subtle Sugary Rum
Buy on Amazon Pink Pomade Strong Medium Oil Based Apple fragrance with a hint salsa
Buy on Amazon Green Pomade Medium Medium Oil Based Pomme fragrance with a twist of pepper mint
Buy on Amazon Red Pomade Medium High Shine Water Soluble Subtle Vanilla Cola 

Why we like Reuzel Products at Seven Hair Parlour


Reuzel is a Rotterdam based company that was founded by guys who love barbering. They're all about the style, class, attituide and amazing craft of the profession.

Their mission is to create products that you can trust, and to treat their customers with an attitude and respect they can believe in.

That attitude is.... well, if you get it, you get it. If you don't, you never will; according to the men themselves.

We trust their products. Frank uses them himself and all the guys we've recommended Reuzel to really dig their stuff.