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Trueplex BambooMiracle Smooth & Repair Shampoo


BAMBOOMIRACLE Smooth & Repair Shampoo by TRUEPLEX offers ultimate nourishment for your hair, helping extend the life of blowout treatments.

With a vegan formula, this shampoo is free of sulfate, paraben and sodium chloride so it will leave your hair supple, smooth and soft.

Some of the benefits of this shampoo include:

  • Enriched with Bamboo, Baobab and Grape Seed extracts. These strengthen, nourish, & protect color-treated, dry or damaged hair.
  • Helps eliminate frizz by sealing the cuticle, adding tremendous shine and manageability while extending the life of smoothing and color treatments.
  • Cleanses and soothes the scalp, leaving your hair refreshed and hydrated.

Why we like TRUEPLEX Products at Seven Hair Parlour

As a company, TRUEPLEX set out to develope a bond recovery system that repairs existing internal damage to hair and prevents new internal damage caused by successive chemical services, hot tools or environmental influences.

We believe their products genuinely protect and revitalize hair and as a bonus, we think they smell great too! When Leah first used TRUEPLEX, she talked a lot about how good their products smell.